Remember His Kindness by Pastor David Jones

They soon forgot his many acts of kindness to them. Instead, they rebelled against him at the Red Sea. – Psalm 106:7b NLT


Worship: Blessed Assurance

This past Sunday, Nancy Reagan passed away.  She was remembered for being an actress and the wife of President Ronald Reagan.  She accomplished much in her life but one of the things she will be remembered for is her fight against Alzheimers disease. President Reagan was diagnosed with the disease in 1994.  In his last letter to the country the President said, “I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life.”

Nancy had this to say, “Alzheimer’s is a disease, like any other disease—cancer, heart disease, whatever,” she told an audience at the Hotel Pierre in New York in July 1995. But it is a “really very cruel disease, because for the caregiver,” she said, her eyes reddening and her voice breaking, “it’s a long goodbye.”

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease.  I often think God has the same perspective when we forget His many kindnesses toward us. Much like an alzheimer’s patient we slowly forget God’s kindness in our life.  It’s all too easy to forget what He has done.  Forgetting God’s goodness is like a long goodbye to the grace of God.  The more we forget the more we distance ourselves from Him. This distancing leads to the point the Psalmist presses at that is when we forget, we tend to rebel.

They soon forgot his many acts of kindness to them. Instead, they rebelled against him at the Red Sea. – Psalm 106:7b NLT

When we forget what God has done we lose sight of his kindness and it tends to open the door to all kinds of ungrateful behavior. Our rebellion is often related to our forgetfulness.  We forget God’s kindness and instead launch in directions that cause destruction.  You can read the results of forgetting God’s kindness in the rest of Psalm 106.

The implication in this chapter is that if we remember His kindness it will help keep us from going astray.  I can testify that when I remember God’s kindness it does something in my Spirit. When I declare what God has done for me it brightens my mood.  Every time I call to mind what God has done I draw closer to Him.

Think about this: whenever we remember what God has done it is only good for God is always good.  In other words you can’t think about God and remember something bad or destructive or wrong.  Whenever we call to mind what God has done we can only say that it is Good.  Therefore call to mind what God has done, it will draw you close to him.

Every so often I take out my phone and pull up a picture of my boys when they were in the hospital.  My wife delivered twin boys at 26 weeks.  Ethan was 1lb 14 oz, Jack was 2lb 2 oz.  They were in danger from the very moment they were born.  After much prayer from family, friends and the church, my boys came home from the hospital after 3 months.  If you saw them today you would never know they were born premature.  It’s only by God’s kindness and grace they are alive today.  Every time I see these photos it reminds me of God’s kindness and grace.

Jack Jones









Ethan Jones










Jones Boys







So today, I’d like you to remember God’s many kindnesses to you.  What has God done for you? Specifically what are His acts of Kindness toward you?  Write them out and then spend time in prayer thanking Him for His unbelievable kindness in your life!

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