From Singing to Sunshine

Song: Joy of the Lord

Artist: Rend Collective

from Amy Carmichael, Edges of His Ways

Fix your thoughts on Jesus.

Hebrews 3:1

“Sometimes our thoughts will not stay ‘fixed;’ we cannot explain why. Before we know it, we find we have drifted back to thoughts of ourselves, or of others, or of places or things – of anything, indeed, but of Him who is deepest down our greatest longing: ‘Thou, O Lord God, art the thing that I long for’ (Ps 71:4).

I expect the wise could tell of many ways of help. I will tell of the simplest I know. You have tried reproaching yourselves: Why can I not do better than this? Try ‘singing to yourselves’ instead. Try what some beloved little hymn or song or psalm will do. Psalm 71:23 tells us just what happens then: ‘My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee; and my soul which thou hast redeemed.’

For He has delivered us. He delivered us the moment we looked to Him, and when we sing to ourselves in this way, we are really singing to Him, our dear Deliverer, and before we know it the gloom has passed – we are out in the sunshine again.

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