Wow.. So Tired

So tired…but still a parent.

Yesterday afternoon wrapped up a fun and successful first go at our sports and art camp – Camp 413. I am beat. I logged over 50,000 steps between the 3 days. All I want to do is close my eyes.

I’m not alone. You may not have had my week, but I didn’t have your week either. I’m guessing you’re tired too. It’s the life of a parent. We are always tired, and I’ve found it doesn’t get easier as my kids get older. I gets harder!

Wednesday nights are my night to make sure our younger three are fed, and then dropped at Zoe Youth Ministry (the youngest hangs with me). This Wednesday night, it was tough to get out the door. I just wanted to lay…and not move…ever.

I got up, took them to Sonic, and I was rewarded. Kia joined us, and we talked about the day. We shared the funny things that happened at Camp 413 and laughed together. It was simple but easy. It’s exactly the thing I want as a parent.

What I’ve found is when I do the thing I really don’t want to do – get up and parent – I’m rewarded. There is a reason. It’s a principle created by God –

A sluggard’s appetite is never filled,
but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.  -Proverbs 13:4

When I am diligent, you are diligent, we are satisfied.

This weekend, I encourage you to be diligent in parenting. It will be hard. You might have to drag yourself out of the chair or bed. It will be worth it. You will be satisfied!

Joyfully –

Pastor Andy

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