Joseph and Moses: What’s in a Name?

joseph in egypt


Read: Genesis 42;45 (Again, a lot of reading, but a great story.  Read over several sittings.)

Joseph was a miracle child.  He was born after years of Rachel, his mother, unable to be pregnant.  When Rachel finally bears a child, she name him Joseph- “May God add” meaning another son.  Another way of interpreting this is “may God increase.”

Our names have meaning. Sometimes our parents are very intentional about our names. Sometimes they just choose a name that sounds neat or pretty.  Either way, our names are more than just something we are called.

Every step of his life, Joseph brought increase.  He did in his father’s home, in Potiphar’s house, in jail and finally working for Pharaoh.  Each place he went, God used him to increase wealth.

In the end, God used this ability to increase to save Joseph’s family.  It was a gift from God, so it could continue God’s plan and story.  You too have a name that is more than just something to be called.

God’s plan and story continues – thousands of years later, and you are a part of it.  Do you know what your name means?  If not, look it up with your family this week.  Talk about what you think it might mean.

Just like Joseph, God wants to use you and your specific gifts to see His plan and story continue.  This week, lean into this – whether you feel special or not.  You are!

Questions: Why did Joseph’s brothers end up in Egypt? Why do you think they didn’t recognize Joseph?  Why did Joseph make them jump through so many hoops?  How did Joseph provide for Egypt and his family?

Parents: Tell the story behind naming each of your children.  Did you choose the name for a specific purpose?  Are they named after someone?  What significance is in their name?


Take some time to look up the meaning of everyone;s name in your family.  This can be tricky depending on names (with a family of Kia, Kessa, Sephine, Beale, and Chilton, this is harder for us 🙂

This is a great site

Continue to discuss what everyone things this may mean for your futures – God’s plan and story.


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