Jacob & Joseph: Cheating a Cheater



Read: Genesis 31:3-9; 17-21

Everyone loves a safe and warm place they can call home. If for some reason a person has to leave that home, all they want to do is get back. Maybe they can’t live there, but at least they can visit.

The movie, The Wizard of Oz, tells the story of Dorothy who is magically transported from her home in Kansas to the land of Oz. The entire movie, Dorothy works to figure out how to get back home. Even though Dorothy had made good friends in Oz, at the end of the movie, she still wants to go home.

A couple of years ago, basketball player, Lebron James left a team in Miami for Cleveland. Miami’s basketball team was good – they had won championships. Miami was warm, and it has lots of fun things to do (like the beach). Lebron, though, chose to head to Cleveland where it is cold and they hadn’t ever won the championship. Why? It was home. He had grown up there.

Jacob had lived with his Uncle Laban for 20 years. Jacob married Laban’s two daughters. Jacob worked for Laban the entire time. Jacob wanted to go home.

It’s very easy to think Jacob didn’t deserve to go home. He cheated his brother, Esau, out of the most important things possible – his birthright and blessing. Jacob lied to his father to get the blessing. He was not a good boy. In spite of all the naughty things Jacob did, God didn’t forget his promises about Jacob (Genesis 25).

When Jacob was ready to go home, God was ready to help him get there. God prepared Jacob’s wives to be ready to leave. God spoke to Laban to allow Jacob to go. God softened Esau’s heart to not be angry. God wants you in a safe, warm place. He will work to get you there. God always keeps his promises.

Questions: Why was Jacob worried to return home? Have you ever felt worried about coming home? Why?


Parents: Tell a story about returning home. Why do you remember it so well? Encourage your child to know they can always feel safe coming home – no matter the circumstance.


Memorize this month’s scripture verse. Put it on a refrigerator, mirror or bulletin board in your house where everyone will see it.

“God turned into good what you meant for evil…so that I could save the lives of many people.” Genesis 50:20


Make a “Come Back Can” (search on YouTube – come back can – space painter (brandon mcdonnell.) It’s the video toward the bottom of the first search page.

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