10 Commandments/Easter: Top Ten Pt. 1


Read: Exodus 20:1-8

Take a minute to think about your favorite game (indoor, outdoor, team, individual, board game, ballgame, etc) to play. Now share what your favorite game is with you family. As a group, go around and talk about the different rules needed to play each game. Are there a lot or a little?

God had a lot of rules for the people of Israel. He had rules on what to eat and how to cook it. There were rules on where and when to worship. Rules on where and how to set up their living spaces. Rules on what to do with people who broke the rules. God had lots of rules, but He had a top ten list. You may have heard of it before, the 10 Commandments. These ten rules can actually be condensed down to two.

Love God. Love others.

Today, you read the four rules or commandments about loving God. Have no other gods. Don’t make an idol. Don’t misuse God’s name. Remember the Sabbath. We love God by keeping those 4 rules. Don’t put anyone or anything in front of God; make God first. Don’t use God’s name in anger or frustration. Keep one day as holy.

How are you doing with this? Are you keeping these rules? Do you ever put anything as more important than God (TV, video games, sports, toys, friends, money)? Do you ever say God’s name in anger or meanness (curse, cuss)? Do you honor one day of the week?

This week, make it your goal to love God with all your heart and follow these rules!

Parents: All families begin loving God from different places. Assess where your family is at with the first four commandments. How can you improve? What can you change? Challenge your family in these areas.


Work to memorize this week’s memory verse:

Love the Lord your God with al your heart, with al your soul, with al your mind, and with all your strength. -Mark 12:30


10 Commandment Handprints. Use acrylic paint to make hand prints of both hands on one piece of paper. Above each finger & thumb, write a number (1-10) and a short version of that commandment (Put God first; Worship God only; Respect God’s name; Keep the Sabbath holy; etc).

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