X's and O'sLove.  Is there anything in this life that can be so wonderfully amazing and so confusing at the same time?  We all desire to love and be loved.  But do we always go about it the right way?  The Bible is very clear on many things, but dating is not one of them.  There is no scripted formula for “when to start dating” or “how to never experience heartbreak”.  But, we are able to see God’s heart for us and His desire for us to be fulfilled.  As the church, we need to talk about love, dating, and sex.  If we don’t talk about it, the world is!  So…let’s talk!


X’S AND O’S – The Pursuit of You (Pastor Nick Adams)

X’S AND O’S – The “Who” Really Matters (Pastor Nick Adams)

X’S AND O’S – Don’t Date Alone (Kyle Reighard)

X’S AND O’S – Sex: Mythbusters Edition (Pastor Nick Adams)