Sermon Series

We believe God speaks today!  God wants to encourage you and strengthen your relationship with Him.  One way of doing that is by hearing His voice.  We would like those in our church to ask God to speak to them one word that would be a theme for their life fin 2014. As we pursue this word we hope to interact with God.

Last year many in our church participated in this endeavor and were strengthened in their walk with Christ.

Come join us.  What’s your word?

You Can Hear God’s Voice – January 5, 2014

  • Hearing God’s Voice requires humility and confidence
  • God Wants a Relationship with You
  • You Must Have a Desire to Hear
  • You Must Take the Time to Hear

Cathedral Thinking (audio) – January 26, 2014

Cathedral Thinking (video)

  • We must have cathedral thinking.
  • Pray long.
  • What will we do with what God has given us?


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