Release. What is your Word of the Year?

What is Your Word of the Year at Cross Points Church

2013: A Year of RELEASE at CPC!

“So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead…” I Peter 1:6

I Peter 1 is a beautiful chapter in the Bible about the “living hope” or “great expectation” within each Christ follower. It is because of this expectation we are able to experience joy – true gladness – even in the midst of trial. This is a promise we can bank on.

Just as this has been promised to individual Christians, it has also been promised to groups of Christians – the church. Cross Points Church, we are being called to expect great things in 2013.

What is your word?

We have asked each Cross Points Church member to choose one WORD to concentrate on for the entire year. Take 2013 as a new beginning on the journey God is taking you. Listen, hear and act on one area in your life God wants to see changed.

In fact, we think this is so important, Cross Points Church has adopted it’s own word for 2013 – a corporate Word of the Year.


The Pastors, Elders and Leaders of Cross Points Church believe 2013 is a year of RELEASE. God will RELEASE us into ministry (both old and new). He will RELEASE His Spirit in and through us. God will RELEASE you into your calling.

Share your word.

If you have a word, share it. Share it here. Let this page serve as an announcement to the world where God is taking you, your family, your world in 2013.

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