White Noise Sermon SeriesHave you ever sat in silence and tuned your ear the the sounds around you?  You begin to notice the buzzing of the lights.  You hear the refrigerator humming.  You will notice the creaking of an old house.  This is white noise.  Those are noises in our daily life that we have grown accustomed to hearing.  They fade into the background without us noticing.  What about the white noise of our spiritual life?  What are the distracting noise that we have allowed to be a part of our everyday life and have grown accustomed to its existence?  And is it distracting us from our purpose in God?


WHITE NOISE – The Noise Has Got To Go (Pastor Nick Adams)

WHITE NOISE – You Are a Distraction to You (Kyle Reighard)

WHITE NOISE – Distracted By The News (Pastor Nick Adams)

WHITE NOISE – Game-Changers (Pastor Nick Adams)