Wake Up! by Spurgeon

Song: Keith Green – Asleep in the Light

I beg you not to sleep, as did Jonah.

He was in the vessel, you remember when it was tossed with the tempest, and all the rest in the vessel were praying, but Jonah was asleep. Every man called upon his God except the man who had caused the storm.

He was the most in danger, but he was the most careless.

The ship-master and mate, and crew, all prayed, every man to his god, but Jonah carelessly slept on. Now, don’t some of you here live in houses where they all pray–but you?

You have a godly mother, but are yourself godless. John, you have a Christian father, and brothers and sisters, too, whom Christ has looked upon in love, and they pray for you continually. But the strange thing is, that your soul is the only one in the house which remains unblessed, and yet you are the only one who feels no anxiety or fear about the matter.

There are many of us who can honestly say that we would give anything we have, if we could save your souls. We do not know what we wouldn’t do, but we know we would do all in our power, if we could but reach your conscience and your heart.

I stand often in this pulpit almost wishing that I had never been born, because of the burden and distress it brings upon my soul to think of some of you who will die and be lost forever. Lost, though you love to listen to the preacher! Lost, though you sometimes resolve to be saved!

We are praying for you daily, but you, you are asleep! While we are preaching you criticize our words. It’s as if we preached to you for show, and did not mean to plead for your life in order that you would escape from the wrath to come.

Observations will be made by the frivolous among you during the most solemn words, about someone’s dress or personal appearance.

I believe God is going to send a revival into this place; I have that conviction growing upon me, but it may be that though the gracious wave may sweep over the congregation, it will miss you. It has missed you up to this hour. Around you all the door is wet, but you, like Gideon’s fleece, are dry, and you sleep though the blessing comes not upon you, sleep though sleep involves a certain and approaching curse.

O slumbering Jonah, in the name of the Host High, I would say to you, “You who are asleep, Awake and call upon God! Pray that he will deliver you, and that this great storm shall yet be stopped.” Those who seek the Lord shall find him, if they seek him with full purpose of heart.

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