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The three “C’s” of Cross Points are Connect, Commit, Create. This is where we are going as a church and it will come to define who we are.

However, before we talk about vision we must remember the WHY of vision. It does little good to put together a few nicely phrased words without having a correct understanding of why we do what we do. In other words, something deeper should be driving us than a few cute words that rhyme!

As believers in Jesus we HAVE to have the foundation that we are the hope of the world. People are looking for deeper meaning in life and we have been given the great good news which fully answers this question. Our good news is simply this: Jesus came into the world to save sinners such as you and I. As believers each of us have been radically changed, we’ve been born again. It is this message we share with the world and it is a joyful happy message.

Click below to listen to this sermon series….

Intro Kalos Christmas – September 1, 2013

Cross Points Church Vision: Connect – September 8, 2013

Cross Points Church Vision: Commit – September 15, 2013

Cross Points Church Vision: Create – September 22, 2013

Family Service – Connect to the Bible – September 29, 2013 (Pastor Andy Bondurant)



2 thoughts on “Vision: Connect Commit Create

  1. I LOVED reading about your message of “Connect – Commit – Create”….what an inspiration, and especially the help you gave to the filling station, just by purchasing a “tank of gas”….what a message.

    Thanks! We can all use this to see just a little thing done many times can become a big influential thing over time. Thanks for the message you gave to the whole community, and it “made print” so it went to a wider audience, including me!

    I really believe this is what the “good news” is all about….Love the Message of “Connect – Commit – Create”….It’s so perfect for our day and age….

    Thanks from a “community member”!

    • Darlene –

      Thanks so much for listening to connect-commit-create! We are so excited about what Jesus has for us to do in Shawnee. We know He has placed us here for a reason.


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