THAT THING WE DOSometimes we just do things because it is something we have always done.  We do it, not because of a personal desire, but because that’s the way we were raised.  Without question!  Without true passion!  And if we were being honest, without any purpose!  Well…why do we worship God?  What is the purpose behind it?  God doesn’t want just a half-hearted expression of robotic religiosity.  God doesn’t want a family traditional expression from us!  He desires a true encounter with us.  He desires in a moment to radically turn our life upside down and inside out.  Worship isn’t just that thing we have to do.  It is that thing we get to do!


THAT THING WE DO – Double Edged Worship (Pastor Nick Adams)

THAT THING WE DO – 20/15 Vision (Pastor Nick Adams)

THAT THING WE DO – Press Pause (Pastor Nick Adams)

THAT THING WE DO – Worship All Day (Kyle Reighard)