The Question of and Awakened Soul – Robert Murray M’CHEYNE

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Today’s devotional was written in the 1800’s by a Scottish pastor by the name of Robert Murray M’Cheyne.  His question is still as potent as it was asked 200 years ago.  – Pastor David


Micah 6:6-8
What can we bring to the LORD?
What kind of offerings should we give him?
Should we bow before God
with offerings of yearling calves?


Should we offer him thousands of rams
and ten thousand rivers of olive oil?
Should we sacrifice our firstborn children
to pay for our sins?


No, O people, the LORD has told you what is good,
and this is what he requires of you:
to do what is right, to love mercy,
and to walk humbly with your God.


“What can I bring to the Lord?”


An unawakened soul never asks that question. A natural man has no desire to come before God, or to bow himself before the High God. He does not like to think of God. He would rather think of any other subject. He easily forgets what he is told about God.


A natural man has no thoughts of eternal things, because he has no heart for them. He has no desire to come before God in prayer. There is nothing a natural man hates more than prayer. He would far rather spend half an hour every morning in bodily exercise or in hard labour, than in the presence of God. He has no desire to come before God when he dies. He knows that he must appear before God, but it gives him no joy. He had rather sink into nothing; he had rather never see the face of God.


Ah! my friends, is this your condition? 


How do you know that you have “the carnal mind which is always hostile to God.” You are like Pharaoh—”Who is the Lord, that I should obey Him?” You say to God, “Depart from me, for I desire not the knowledge of Thy ways.”


What an awful state it is to have no desire after Him who is the fountain of living waters!


An awakened soul feels that his chief happiness is in coming before God. This was unfallen Adam’s happiness. He felt like a child under a loving Father’s eye. It was his chief joy to come before God—to be loved by Him—to be like a mote in the sunbeam—to be continually basked in the sunshine of His love—no cloud or veil coming between. This is the joy of holy angels, to come before the Lord, and bow before the High God. In His presence is fulness of joy. “The angels do always behold the face of My Father.” On whatever errand of love they fly, they still feel that His eye of love is on them—this is their daily, hourly joy. This is the true happiness of a believer.


Hear David (Psalm 42:1-2),
“As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, my God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.


When can I go and meet with God?” He pants not after the gifts of God—not His favors or comforts—but after Himself. A believer longs after God—to come into His presence—to feel His love—to feel near to Him in secret—to feel in the crowd that he is nearer than all the creatures. Ah! dear brethren, have you ever tasted this blessedness? There is greater rest and solace to be found in the presence of God for one hour, than in an eternity of the presence of man. To be in His presence—under His love— under His eye—is heaven, wherever it be.
God can make you happy in any circumstances. Without Him, nothing can.  – Robert M’cheyne


How would you answer Robert’s question, “What can I bring before the Lord?”

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