The Company We Keep – Pastor Matt Shirley

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The Company We Keep

Last week, Pastor David invited us to consider our friendships. It reminded me of a proverb I often turned to when working with teenagers in youth ministry. I think it has particular relevance for our conversation about friendship this week.

Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.

Proverbs 13:20

If I were going to offer a paraphrase, I might put it like this: the company you keep affects the course you take.

The influence of friendships gets a lot of attention during those formative years of adolescence; but that influence continues well beyond adolescence.

A great place to see this truth in action? Small groups.

The Course We Take

Small groups all around Cross Points are bringing together people from different stages of life and at different stages of growth in discipleship.

Some groups meet in homes. We call them GROW Groups. They hang out. Read scripture together. Pray together. Some groups meet around a common purpose. We call them ministry teams. They hang out. Pray together. Serve together. Cross Points is full of them – and all of them are opportunities to walk out your discipleship alongside others.

We don’t celebrate groups at Cross Points just so we can have more groups (though, we’d love more groups!). And we don’t invite you to find a place to create and serve at Cross Points just because we need help (though, we’d love more help!).

We celebrate groups at Cross Points because we know groups are a great way for you to experience this proverb’s promise – and avoid its caution!

Small groups are a way for you to keep company (find friends!) that will help you grow. And in doing so, as this proverb reveals, you’ll affect your course.

My encouragement to you today? Find a small group. Maybe start here, with a GROW Group.  Join a ministry team. Maybe start here, on our GROW Track. Bottom line, find a group – keep company. Create some space in your life to keep company with other disciples and let it chart a new course for your life!

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