One thought on “Sunday Sermon 2-2-2018

  1. Today was a powerful message!!!! I do want and desire MORE of the Lord, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit the trinity in my life. Daily!!! All the time!! Wherever I’m at whatever I’m doing I want God there with me!!! I need God in my relationships with my kids my fiancé my brothers and sisters my friends!!! I have a thirst too and want to learn more about Gods promises and my walk with Him. I have a stronger yearning that grows and grows to do missions work and beyond!!! God is tugging at me!! He wants me to help others by sharing my experiences and talking about how Jesus has changed my life. I thank God for all His blessings and praise Him honor Him glorify Him and constantly pray whenever and wherever. God is Awesome!!! Thank you Pastor Dave….. p.s. I GOT ANOITED TODAY AFTER CHURCH AND DID FEEL THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! Praise God!!!!!

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