Cross Points Church believes in the next generation!

We see ourselves as runners in a relay race. One generation running a leg of the race in order to pass the baton to the next generation. You might be a grandparent who has already passed the baton to the current generation. You could be a parent preparing to pass the baton to your children. You may be part of the next generation waiting on the baton.

CPC believes in this generation’s present value & future potential.

With this in mind, Cross Points Church has prioritized investing in this generation. Specifically, we know this investment must be in the form of improving our facilities. In 2015 we initiated this process by creating the current XSM Student Center.

From the beginning, the goal was to upgrade our kid’s ministry wing. Now is the time.

Now is the time to invest in the next generation.

Our Philosophy: Connect | Commit | Create

At CPKids, we CONNECT to Jesus through God’s Word, the Bible. We COMMIT to one another by building small group communities. We CREATE through developing leaders for both today and the future.

However, we know children can’t connect, commit or create if they don’t feel safe. Our first priority is their safety and security. To this end, we provide training, support and background checks to all of our staff and volunteers so your children are safe every Sunday they attend service.

Our Vision: Clean, Simple, Inviting

Our goal with this project is to create a simple, clean and inviting space for children which also matches the look, feel and brand of the larger church.

These are a few of the concept drawings we commissioned.

Kids Auditorium:

Kids Multi-Use Room:

Check-in Stations:


Join Us & Invest in the Next Generation!

This investment is not inexpensive. Will you contribute?

Commercial costs are dramatically higher than a residential remodel, and the square footage is extensive (over 15,000 sq/ft).

The estimated costs are:

  • $300,000 for rehab (nurseries, bathrooms, etc)
  • $70,000 for decor (signs, kids church, etc)
  • $30,000 for soft cost (tables, chairs, a/v, etc)

  • $400,000 total projected costs

Due to your consistent and faithful giving, and our administration’s wise spending and saving habits, we were able to complete the entire XSM Student Center from the general church budget. This isn’t an option for the CPKids project.

What is God urging you to give? Not everyone is able to give equal amounts. Everyone is able to sacrifice the same.

Will you prayerfully consider what your support toward this project should be? We need you to invest via a one-time gift, by pledging a gift over the next 9 months, or both.

To invest toward this important project CLICK HERE.

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