October Sermon Series – Who is Jesus?

Shawnee Kansas Cross Points Sermon Series

Who is Jesus?
“Who is Jesus?”  Jesus is known the world over– Pastors, preachers, missionaries and faithful believers preach His name to the ends of the earth. But who is Jesus?  Some see Jesus as a miracle worker, a prophet, moral teacher, or a holy man.  The question still lingers throughout the world, who is Jesus?  The Gospels give us a great glimpse into the person and life of Jesus of Nazareth.
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  • There is a Kingdom.
  • Jesus is the King.
  • Allegiance to the king enables you to be a subject in the kingdom.

Sunday, October 13 – Jesus is King pt 2

  • There is a Kingdom, it operates vastly different than any other kingdom.
  • Jesus is the King in this Kingdom.
  • The King invites us into His Realm.
  • The King calls us to a radical faith.

Sunday, October 20 – King of Bread or King of Heaven

  • Is there any limit to the Power of Jesus?
  • He asks you to do hard things.
  • His sayings are hard.

Sunday, October 27 – Don’t Drift

  • Are you living in the domain of darkness?
  • Have you drifted into the domain of darkness?
  • Jesus wants to rescue you!

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