Love One Another by Pastor Mark

I Peter 4:8

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.


Every day as I leave home, I give my wife a hug and tell her I love her.  Then, I am off to drop the kids at school, and much to the chagrin of my 14 and 17-year-olds, I yell out I love them as they are walking into the school.  Somedays it is easy to love those closest to us, but as we all know sometimes it is not so easy!

There are those times when we do not value one another and we hurt one another. In those moments of hurt and betrayal, our love is harder to give.  

Paul’s gives us  a strong statement on loving one another as he says “Above all”, or as another version says, “Most important of all.”  The Bible is full of verses and entire chapters on loving one another.  Luke 6:27 goes so far to say,


“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.”  Wow, how many of us can say we truly walk out love to our enemies?


I was challenged yesterday by Pastor Andy’s story about road rage.  I may from time to time get a little frustrated at other drivers. Ok, maybe a little more than frustrated. I don’t even know these people, but am I acting in love towards them or more worried about my rights on the road?

Love covers a multitude of sins!

Why is love such a strong command from Jesus?  Peter makes is clear that love covers a multitude of sins.  

In our home, we never say we are sorry to one another.  We challenge each other to say “please forgive me.”  Asking forgiveness requires action and humility on our parts, but it also requires the same for the other person. Forgiveness heals relationships.

Jesus loved the world so much that He was willing to die for our sins!

Today I want to challenge you to show love to those you encounter throughout your day!  


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