Dear Parent,

Nick Adams of Cross Points Church in Shawnee KansasMy name is Pastor Nick and I am the youth pastor here at ZOE Youth Ministries. I have been the youth pastor here since August 2008 and it has been such a blessing to work with countless numbers of teenagers and parents over the years.

It is important to me that you know my heart with regards to your teenager.  I love them.  Whether I have met them before or not, I sincerely love them.  I hope and pray that I can play a role in training and equipping them to survive the world and love God with reckless abandon.  With that, I believe my role is to come beside you, as their parent, and help you guide them through a very sensitive time period in their life.

At ZOE, your teenager will be equipped with practical, authentic, and passionate teachings that will be relevant to them walking out a daily relationship with God.  I believe that during their JR High and High School years, it is important to not only talk about ethereal things (God’s Presence, How Great God Is, Heaven), but to practically talk about how to pursue righteousness and be a man/woman of God.  The messages we preach at ZOE are simply principles taken from Scriptures geared towards teenagers with dynamic illustrations and creative presentations.

You teenager will also experience worship at ZOE.  We believe that corporate worship is a powerful and moving time during our service.  We believe the Holy Spirit is on the move and desires to work in our hearts, many times bringing us to a place of surrender or into joyful expression.  We also believe that each person is in their own place in their walk with God.  Many of the teenagers that come to ZOE have never raised their hands during worship (a sign of praising God), fallen to their knees during worship (a sign of surrender), or jumped/danced (an expression of freedom/joy in the presence of God).  We want everyone to worship in their own way and to feel comfortable in their own skin.  So, as we may challenge and encourage the teens to express themselves in greater ways during worship, we want to allow everyone to come as they are.  A 7th Grader coming from children’s ministry is going to worship different than the 12th Grader on leadership and we welcome that diversity.

I want to challenge and encourage you to help your teenager make ZOE a priority.  I would not make this challenge if I have not seen the lasting impact it can make in their spiritual walk and future.  Sports teams are great (I played High School/Division I baseball).  School clubs/programs are great.  Jobs are great.  But in my opinion and personal experience, nothing can replace the life-change they will experience at ZOE.  When I was in high school I told my coach I couldn’t practice on Wednesday nights because I had ZOE.  When I was in playing Division One baseball, I told my coach I couldn’t practice on Tuesday nights because I had Campus Crusade for Christ.  I believe that the way we set our priorities help to set our future.  I encourage you to help guide your teenager’s future in the right direction.  I truly believe ZOE could be an integral role in them having a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

I can’t wait to get to know you and your teenager as we move forward in this adventure.

CPC Youth Pastor,

Nick Adams