What is La Vida Wednesday?

La Vida Wednesday is a purposeful, yet crazy fun ZOE service, scheduled sporadically throughout the year.  We instituted La Vida Wednesday as a way for us to not forget what we are all about at ZOE, which is LIFE.  We do not want to grow stale in what we do.  We do not want to get so habitual that we forget to be filled with joy and life.  We also don’t want to forget that we are people on a purpose.

So we are aiming to do just that.  Every La Vida Wednesday, we have a theme for the service.  We encourage anyone coming to let loose and participate in having some fun.  Also, nothing brings more life then us multiplying ourselves and bringing in the unsaved/lost or those that don’t belong to a church family already.

Every La Vida Wednesday we give away a big prize (Value of $50 or more).  For any visitors that come to La Vida Wednesday, they receive 5 raffle tickets for the drawing.  Anybody that brings a visitor will also receive 5 raffle tickets.  Anybody participating in the theme will receive 1 raffle ticket.  At the end of the service, we will give away the grand prize!

Let’s be filled with life and life to the fullest as we have fun and worship God.