Kindness in Action – By Pastor Chris Horsley

In thinking about kindness, I am drawn to the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.

We are all pretty familiar with the story.  A man goes down from Jerusalem to Jericho and is robbed, beaten, and left half dead.

As luck would have it a priest passes by!  What a blessing!  A man of God! He see him… and passes by on the other side.  The same thing happens when the Levite passes.

These are two men who Spurgeon states were “bound by their profession” to help this man. They look at the situation, and go on their merry way.

Nothing changes until the Samaritan shows up.

The Samaritan gives instantly and without delay.  There doesn’t seem to be any hesitation on the part of the Good Samaritan, even though he is a helping a Jewish man, and Jews and Samaritans DID NOT like each other.

This is a picture of kindness in action.

The Good Samaritan gives of his time, his energy, and his money.

Some traits of kindness:

Kindness is full of self-denial.

Kindness isn’t worried about cost.  The Good Samaritan wasn’t going to be repaid by this man.  In fact, he probably never would see him again!

Kindness isn’t worried about how much work it will take.  He had to take the time and energy to get him from where he was to the inn.

Kindness isn’t worried about who it helps.  As I stated before, the Jews and Samaritans DID NOT like each other. This goes along with what Pastor Andy wrote in his devo yesterday about how we are to show kindness to those who don’t “deserve” it.

Taking care of this man delayed the Good Samaritan from where he was going.  But he still did what was right.  He showed kindness and compassion to this man who was not able to help himself.

The priest and the Levite were so worried about themselves that they were unable to see the person who needed help right in front of them.  They missed the forest for the trees.

Let this be a call that as followers of Christ, we are to not only be aware of our surroundings, but also willing to do something about it, even if it may cost us what we deem as precious to us.

The challenge is what Jesus says in Luke 10:37 from the Amplified:

“Go and constantly do the same.”

We should show kindness and mercy when we have the opportunity.

It goes along with the tagline for this month: Kindness: It’s what we do.

Have a great weekend and continue looking for ways to be kind to others, through speech or deed.

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