Refuel Sermon SeriesSometimes you just get tired!  Doing.  Doing.  Doing.  And doing some more!  School.  Church. Family.  Youth Group.  Homework.  LIFE!  Sometimes, life is tiring!  We can become to busy with the act of doing things on our journey, that we forget the reason for the journey.  God wants to take you and me on a journey throughout this next year.  He doesn’t want normal, ordinary things.  He wants big things for us!  But we have to expect big things from Him!  Most importantly, we must learn to refuel for the journey.  God is our fuel!  This is our journey!


JOURNEY: REFUEL – Empty the Tank (Pastor Nick Adams)

JOURNEY: REFUEL – Look Ahead (Pastor Nick Adams)

JOURNEY: REFUEL – A New Adventure (Pastor Nick Adams)

JOURNEY: REFUEL – Just Be (Kyle Reighard)