Going Bold Grows You Stronger by Pastor David

Romans 4:20-21
Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, **his faith grew stronger,** and in this he _brought glory to God._ 21 He was _fully convinced_ that God is able to do whatever he promises.

# Going Bold Grows you Stronger.

Let that title sink in just a bit. Going Bold Grows you Stronger. Read that verse slowly…one more time.

Abraham was 100 his wife was 90. There was no way they were having children. Abraham knew there was no way they could conceive but he never wavered in believing God’s promise that they would have a son. That’s a bold stance by Abraham!

Abraham, wasn’t sure how God was going to give him a son, but he knew God would do it; he just didn’t know how. Abraham looked at his 100 year old body and still believed–that’s bold!

Abraham is is held up as a primary example of growing stronger in the faith. How did Paul say that Abraham grew in his faith? He makes it clear, Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promises.

Let’s pull this apart a little bit. Abraham was convinced that God’s goodness would follow him, even though the circumstances certainly didn’t favor him having a child at 100. But in Abraham’s heart, he believed. He believed God could do anything! And that’s exactly how he grew strong. He grew strong by going bold in his faith.

You see Abraham didn’t grow strong in his own strength, he grew strong in his faith, His body was weaker by the day but his faith grew stronger. His trust grew deeper.

We too grow stronger not by our strength but by our faith in God’s promises. The greater our trust the stronger our faith. When we go bold we grow strong.

What bold promises has God spoken to you? Even as Abraham heard God for Bold things, I believe God wants to speak bold promises into your life. He wants to create amazing things in and through your life. Get alone with Jesus, listen to Him. He will speak bold promises into your life. As you begin to trust what He has promised you’ll find yourself growing stronger and bringing glory to Jesus!

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