“For Sing I Must!” from Amy Carmichael

Song: Your Love Reaches

Artist: Rivers & Robots

A Reflection from Amy Carmichael, The Edges of His Ways

Blessed be God, who hath not turned away my prayer, nor His own lovingkindness from me.  Psalm 66:20

“This morning these words were a balm to me. The day may bring many strange things to us, perplexing or painful or disappointing; but this stands strong – our prayer has not been turned away, nor His lovingkindness.

It flows to us like a river, and over us like waves of the sea, and soothes and refreshes like music. I have found it a help and a strength to give this great truth time to sink into my mind. It quiets the spirit and comforts it and bring back songs.

Lover of souls, Thee have I heard,

Thee will I sing, for sing I must;

Thy good and comfortable word 

Hath raised my spirit from dust.”

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