Hey parents, while Sunday morning services are online-only we don’t want your children to miss out on CPKids! You can have a fun ministry experience right from your home! We pray this creates opportunities for your kids to grow spiritually and together as a family.
Join us at 10am this Sunday on our new YouTube Channel!
We can’t wait to see you!


RightNow Media  is a free resource (through CPC) with thousands of bible studies for parents, couples, men, women and much more, and kid’s Christian entertainment. 


Online or in person, we have two goals: Connect & Engage

The weekly CPKids service and 3x’s/week Breakfast with CPKids are designed to connect your child to the ministry.

However, it’s just a one-way street.

Engagement moves us from watching to participating. You know from helping your child with their school, the more they participate, the better they learn.

We are using a new online app called Flipgrid (web and mobile). Flipgrid is a fun video-based tool that engages students with specific questions so they can see each other and their responses.

Here is how to participate:

1. Find and connect to the CPKids Flipgrid.

You can watch a short tutorial video below, but our Flipgrid is a little different since we aren’t connected through a school. Do these two things:

  1. Navigate to our Flipgrid directly at
  2. Alternately, download the app and use code: bondurant
  3. Use login code: CPKids20

2. Share an introduction.

Once you’ve gotten to our Flipgrid, help your child introduce themselves under the “Introduction to Flipgrid” board. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. You can see mine as an example.

3. Participate in the weekly challenge

Here are this week’s challenges:

  • Pre-K: share a creation (drawing, baking, painting, cooking, etc) where the parts cannot be separated (this teaches us that NOTHING can separate us from God’s love).
  • Elementary: share a time when you were able to do an impossible task (clean your room, learn a song, perform a skill, etc) because you never gave up (this teaches us determination: God calls us to keep going even when it seems impossible)

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