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Be Water Baptized.

Christ called it our first step of obedience – an outward expression of your inner commitment to God. It’s a way to celebrate your new life in Christ and go public with your faith. Water baptism takes place at various times throughout the year.

Take part in weekly worship experiences. Weekly time with other believers is an important part of your faith journey.  Worship services also allows you to connect with other believers who are on the same journey. 


Spend time in the Bible. The Bible says to renew your mind. It is so important to read the Word that brings life! If you don’t have a Bible or need one that is easier to understand, we would love to give you one. Download our Cross Points Church App and click the “Devotional” button.  In addition, we encourage those who are new to the faith to read through the book of John and continue in Acts located in the New Testament.