iCan Breakout Descriptions

10:00- 10:50 Breakout 1

Spend Wisely: The Cost of Discipleship (1)
A lot of times we think of missions and evangelism as one in the same.  However there is another component to ministry and missions: discipleship.  The Great Commission does command, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  The Kingsburys and Becks have spent their ministry time in different nations in Africa, dedicated to making and building disciples.  Come to this breakout to learn what it looks like to live a daily commitment toward discipleship, here and abroad.

20/20: Seeing God More Clearly in the World Today (2)
Where is the gospel thriving around the world?  Are there still places unreached? How is God moving in those places today?  Come to this breakout to learn and hear stories about those places around the world, what is being done now to reach those places, and what is still to be done.

Here and Now: Taking a Look at Local Missions (3)
It is so easy to feel distant from missions in our everyday lives.  We see and hear from people who are fighting on the front lines around the world, and we feel we cannot take part.  If we aren’t careful we can take ourselves out of the calling Jesus made in the Great Commission.  We may not be be called to be full-time overseas missionaries.  But what does it look like to live in Kansas City, and follow Jesus’ call?  Come to this breakout to learn from Dave and Hal, both in full-time ministry in Kansas City, share about what local missions looks like and how you can get involved.

11:00- 11:50 Breakout 2

Not Just a Vacation: Families on Mission (1)
It is one thing to go out as an individual or a couple to reach the nations, it is another to bring an entire family to serve.  What does it look like to have a family on the mission field? Evan and Roberto share about their family’s experience in France and Bolivia.  Come to this breakout to be learn how to support missionary families, and how you can raise up your family to be mission-minded.

Justice for All: Finding God in Injustice (2)
All we have to do is turn on the news, and the realization hits: we live in an unjust, unfair, and sometimes cruel world. So, what do we do about it? How do we serve God in the midst of witnessing such things?  Hear stories from different missionaries, serving in Asia, and how they have learned to serve in different ways and meet the needs of those who are facing injustice on a daily basis.

All Things to All People: Building Relationship in a Cross-Cultural Environment (3)
It is exciting and freeing to know the Gospel is for all people.  We read from Revelation 7, “there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language…” and realize all peoples will be represented in heaven.  But for now we are here, on earth. How do we reach beyond the barrier that can be language and culture?  How do we understand, love, and share with people of other cultures? Come to this breakout to learn from Joni, working with Vietnamese and Cambodian people, and Pam, working in Kenya.

2:45- 3:35 Breakout 3

The Strength in You: Empowering You in Ministry (1)
So you are called, either you know that calling or you are still waiting, but regardless, how do you walk forward?  You have gifts, but how do you actively walk out in those toward calling?  These missionary speakers were called (differently) but made small steps toward obedience. Come to this breakout to learn more about stepping out into the giftings and calling of God.

The Unknown: Reaching out to Muslims (2)
We talk about them a lot. But do we, in fact, know them? Do we know what they believe? Do we understand what they care about?  Do we understand their culture? Do we make an attempt to?  Two of our missionaries, both serving in different undisclosed countries, share about what it looks like to interact, share with, and love an often misunderstood people, Muslims.

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Sharing the Gospel Through Story Telling (3)
Bible translation has been a major focus of missionaries in the last century. It is incredibly important, however, where does this leave those who are illiterate or do not have the Bible translated in their language yet? There is a not-so-new trend in modern missions that is reaching these peoples with the stories of the gospel. The movement? Biblical Storytelling.  Theses missionaries have spent many years training storytellers to reach those who cannot read or do not have access to the Bible in their written language. Learn more about translation and storytelling, and how these practices in missions are seeing people come to know the Lord.

3:45- 4:35 Breakout 4

Radical: Living Beyond the Norm (1)
It is easy to find ourselves caught in the cycle and motions of schedules, to-do lists, and deciding how to use our twenty minutes of leftover time.  But what if Christianity is more than spending fifteen minutes in your Bible, going to church on Sundays, and making “Christian” decisions? Maybe, just maybe, Christianity is about relationship and walking in the Spirit.  Come to this breakout to learn from these missionary speakers and how they have learned to walk out their faith, in seemingly radical ways, in their ministries in Asia.

I CAN: Being a Part of Missions (2)
There are different ways to be involved in missions, and it can take intense courage.  It could mean taking the step to trust God and give financially, or it could be going on a short-term trip that may stretch you outside of your comfort zone.  It may even mean taking the step, leaving behind a life you have always known, and heading to the nations long-term. Whatever step of boldness you will take to be a part of missions, it still take courage.  Come to this breakout to hear stories, be uplifted, and challenged, by missionaries, who have taken steps of courage in their own lives and reaped the benefits of God working through faith.

This is Living: Lifestyle Missions (3)
Whether you are an accountant, a contractor, a stay at home mom; a small group leader, pastor, or volunteer worker, no matter where you are, you can still be connected to missions and the Great Commission to which Jesus called us to. The Moyers have spent most of their adult life on the mission field, while the Travers were called later after they retired from their full-time careers.  In this breakout, learn practical steps of praying for the nations and foreign missionaries, as well as learning to live out a lifestyle of missions no matter where you are at.