There is so much fun to be had at Cross Points Kids.

Every week, our leaders pour into the next generation – Children are brought into a nurturing environment where they experience a structured plan for learning and development that is tailored for their age group.

 At Cross Points Church is much more than passing time and babysitting. Cross Points Kids exists for three simple but vital purposes.
  • Leaders. Everyone leads at some point in their lives. At Cross Points Church, we love to partner with parents to build into children characteristics of a good leader.

  • Community. Strong and healthy relationships with other Christians is key to developing a connection with God. We want each child who attends Cross Points Kids to connect with other children and adults. This is a basic need of any children’s ministry.

  • Bible Knowledge. Cross Points Church believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Each child who attends Cross Points Kids for their elementary school career will learn the major stories of Scripture at least 3 times.

Don’t worry! As serious as this sounds, we include lots and lots of fun. Each Sunday your child will experience a Bible lesson mixed with games, crafts, puppets, singing and more.

Even more important is your child’s safety and security. In every classroom, you will find a tag to fill-out for your child. This tag will serve as both a name tag and a secure check out receipt.  Keep this receipt…you will need it when picking up your child after service.