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The crown is the universal symbol of power and sovereignty.  For thousands of years, people have crowned kings and queens to rule over them. A spiritual crown is given to each of us – representing power and sovereignty in our lives.

Some choose to crown themselves or give that power away.  Others choose to rule their own lives, while still others give their crown away to addictions and other destructive behaviors.  It’s the few and the free who relinquish their crown to the Coming King.

This month, we will explore what it means to crown this coming King, Jesus.

March 12, 2017

March 19, 2017

March 26, 2016

April 2, 2017

April 9, 2017

April 16, 2016

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Amazed – Your World Changed

Most people have never read the entire New Testament.  For many it’s too hard to understand, it’s too long and we simply don’t have enough time.  Over the next 40 days, you will read twelve pages a day and once again discover the amazing story of Jesus Christ.  As you immerse yourself in the New Testament you’ll be amazed at the miracles, the truth, and transformation Jesus brings.

Join us for this amazing experience!

February 5, 2017 


February 12, 2017


February 19, 2017


February 26, 2017 

March 5, 2017

overflow-final21 Days of Ask, Listen & Worship is a time where we seek to know the Lord better in every way imaginable.  While we meet with Him face to face each day we will experience the overflow of His presence. For almost two decades we have set aside each January to faithfully seek God as we ask, listen and worship.  It is through these spiritual disciplines that we trust in His power alone to create lasting impact in our lives, our church, and our world.

Come experience the overflow of God’s presence in your life as we ask, listen & worship!

“Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7

January 8, 2017 – ASK 

January 15, 2017 – LISTEN

January 22, 2017 – Worship

January 29, 2017 – Bible

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Find A Connect Group

Life is not meant to be lived alone.  You were created to experience life with other people, and that’s why at Cross Points Church, we encourage you to get connected to a Connect Group.

Connect Groups are made up of people who meet on a regular basis for the purpose of connecting relationally with one another, growing spiritually through prayer, encouragement, and biblical application, and serving together. In short, Connect Groups encourage all members to connect, commit, and create.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes — married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids- the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.

Ready to dive in? Find a group that fits you!



2,000 years ago, God did the unexpected by sending His Son in a most unconventional way. The upside down nature of His coming surprised the world.

By the 12th Century, those in Europe hung Fir trees upside down from ceilings in order to symbolize the Trinity. In fact, upside down Christmas Trees were also considered to be the symbol of Christianity.  Eventually, these trees were turned “right side” up in order to point the trees toward heaven.

This season experience the wonder, encounter the unexpected and rediscover the story of Christmas. 

Join us this December as we see everything turned upside down!

November 27, 2016


December 4, 2016


December 11, 2016


December 18, 2016


December 25, 2016



As a church, we are celebrating 50 years of missions.  Fifty years dedicated to sending people to reach the end of the earth for God’s glory and embedded into the DNA of Cross Points Church.  A glimpse of our Sanctuary, with the flags of the nations we have sent to and visited, reflects that identity.

The week of missions is a celebration of those 50 years; what God has done, what He is doing, and what He will do around the world.  The great news about the God we serve, is
He uses us as a part of His plan, and He can use us as well.  That is worth celebrating.


November 6, 2016



November 13, 2016


November 20, 2016




Welcome to our annual Missions Conference. Our theme this year is ‘iCan’ Cross Points Church holds a Missions Conference every year in November to shine light on the missionaries and their efforts at reaching the world. This year is Cross Points 50th anniversary and we are carrying that all the way through to our Conference.

Without a doubt, God has blessed our church and in turn, we have been a blessing to the nations. In the past 19 years, our church has invested millions of dollars into the lives of people and churches from Australia to Zimbabwe.

May our heart-cry at Cross Points Church be, “that Your ways may be known on the earth, Your salvation among all nations.” (Psalm 67:2)

There are many opportunities throughout the week to meet with and talk to our missionaries. Click the links below for more details.

Cross Points Church currently has 27 missionaries around the world.  God is working so diligently, but sometimes we don’t always get the opportunity to see and hear about it.  

We know the value of seeing a faithful God move, and we want to share more of that with you.  Starting in September, we will be sending a monthly mission’s newsletter updating you on some of our missionaries, sharing prayer requests, connecting you with around the world current events, adding notes from our mission’s pastor and committee, and giving information about upcoming events.

If you would like to receive this newsletter, please do a quick sign up below.  

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Applications are now being accepted for 2016 Mexico Outreach

Mexico 2016 button


I _3 my Church


It’s not uncommon to hear “I love football” or “I love ice cream” or “I love the Royals”, but when someone says “I love my church” people think it’s weird.  There’s more to loving the church than showing up on an occasional Sunday morning, smiling, and singing.


The Bible gives rich insight into how to live out your love for God’s local church.

 Join us as we learn what the Church is and why it matters.

August 7, 2016



August 14, 2016


August 21, 2016


August 28, 2016

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June 11: Get Outdoors (9am-12pm) – Black Hoof Park
Cross Points is partnering with the city of Lenexa in hosting this event.  Get outdoors and do outdoor challenges, let the kids enter a fishing derby, learn outdoor safety tips, play in a bounce house, try an obstacle course and much more!


June 11: Movie in the Park: A League of Their Own (8-10pm) – Little Mill Creek Park
Cross Points is partnering with the city of Lenexa and hosting this event. Join in watching a free film under the stars.


June 14-16: Submerged VBS (6:15-8:45pm) – Cross Points Church
You are invited to attend Submerged 2016 Vacation Bible School where Cross Points Kids will be finding truth below the surface!


July 3: Summer Splash Down – Cross Points Church
Are you ready for one of the best events of your summer? We’d love for you and your entire crew to join us for a day of fun in the sun!  Come out and enjoy food & fun for the entire family! 


July 9: Movie in the Park: Rudy (8-10pm)  – Little Mill Creek Park
Cross Points is partnering with the city of Lenexa.  Come out and enjoy a movie under the stars.


July 9, 16, 30: Prayer Walk 
Let’s meet for breakfast and together walk our cities streets asking God’s kingdom would come and His will be done.


July 24: Pool Party – Shawnee Pool
As summer heats up, keep cool and join us at the pool!


Aug 5-6: Free Soccer Clinic – Cross Points Church
More info coming soon!


Aug 13: Tails on the Trails (9am -1pm) – Ad Astra Pool & Park
Cross Points is partnering with the city of Lenexa this summer!  Bring your pet and come to Tails on the Trails Pet Festival. Enjoy pet vendors, pet talent show, dog swims and demonstrations.


Aug 13: Movie in the Park: Cool Running  (8-10pm) – Little Mill Creek Park
Cross Points is partnering with the city of Lenexa.  Enjoy a free movie and refreshments!


Sep 16: Movie in the Park: Mighty Ducks (5:30-8:30pm) – Buffalo Meadows Park
Join us as we partner with the city of Lenexa.  A free movie and snacks!