The Road Home

The Road Home

One of my favorite Easter stories is the Road to Emmaus. Jesus has died, risen, and appeared to several women disciples looking for Jesus at the tomb. They ran back to tell the other disciples this news, but the reaction was mixed – some believed and others doubted.

Then the scene switches. On a road leading out of Jerusalem, two followers of Jesus (one named Cleopas and the other unnamed) walk to a town called Emmaus, a few miles away. Discussing the craziness of the past week, they meet another traveler. This traveler inquires of their discussion – what are they discussing? Hearing their news, he goes on to tell them why Jesus died – based on Old Testament prophecy.

Their minds are blown. Who is this man? How can he not know of the news of Jesus? Yet, how does he know all of these things about the Messiah?

Arriving home, they invite the traveler to stay for dinner. As the man prays for the meal, the identity of the traveler is revealed. It’s Jesus!

The original walk

Meditating on this story and Easter, I thought of another story of God walking with friends. In Genesis 3, embarrassed by their sin, Adam and Eve hide from God who is walking through the Garden. The implication is God regularly walked with his creation in the cool of the evening. It wasn’t a surprise for Him to be there.

Can you imagine literally taking a walk with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), asking Him questions, being amazed at His responses, wisdom and knowledge. Adam and Eve must have had reactions similar to Cleopas and his friend,

“Didn’t our hearts burn within us?”

Jesus death and resurrection restores to us this same opportunity. Available to us is what God intended in the beginning – relationship. The Easter story allows us to walk with God. He wants to hear about your day. You can share with Him news that stirs your soul. You can listen to His wisdom and knowledge.

You can have moments when your heart burn within you.

In part and full

Today, we only experience this in part. We have moments of clarity, but they are fleeting. Even as I write this, I grasp to find the right words (which seem all wrong). However, one day, we will see God in full (1 Corinthians 13:12). We will walk with Him and have the experience Adam and Eve and these two disciples had…every day!

For now, our challenge is to walk. Walk with Jesus daily. Spend time with Him in the cool of the evening, the first light of morning or anytime in-between.

It’s within reach, so this week walk with Jesus.

Joyfully –
Pastor Andy

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