Teaching Your Kids: Relationship With God


Image by: Thiago Cerqueira

I heard someone say one time, “kids don’t experience a ‘junior version’ of the Holy Spirit, or a ‘kid-limited’ God.”  As simple as the statement was, it really impacted me and how I see kids.

We may know that God is not limited to grown adults, but I think sometimes we aren’t proactive in thinking that way about our kids.  How cool would it be to teach our children to hear the voice of God?  Or to feel close to the Holy Spirit?

God is near and wants to interact with your children- even the smallest of them!  I have the opportunity each Sunday to see YOUR kids learn about God- and wow, I am blown away.

Last summer I had a three year old come up to me and tell me ALL of the fruits of the spirit!  A few weeks ago we talked about Joseph and how his brothers were jealous- this jealousy led to some pretty bad decisions.  I was amazed to hear different nursery-age kids talk about different times they might have been jealous.  Of course they can’t understand it as fully as they eventually will as they grow up, but I have no doubt they have some simple understanding of right and wrong, God and relationship, Jesus’ love, etc. And there is even more happening with the older kids!

We as a kids team are privileged to see your child grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord.  I believe that wisdom, no matter what happens, will not depart from them.  And the great thing is, you have the privilege to shepherd and disciple your child’s soul and heart to knowing the love and voice of the Father!  How cool that God entrusted you with His precious gift!  We hope this is not seen as a daunting and intimidating task, but a genuine love and desire to simply do your best!

We hope you feel loved and prepared with wisdom from the Lord- and hopefully us as a team!  Parenting may seem overwhelming and frustrating, but we hope you feel you have a support system around you- encouraging you and guiding you to do the best you can with your gift!  Here are some resources we thought were generally helpful in teaching children about having a relationship with God.




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