Joseph and Moses: In Good Hands

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Read: Exodus 1-2:10 (Use the Bible App for Kids by You Version for a fun, younger-kid- friendly version of the story)

What are some things that protect you? In the car, your seatbelt keeps you in your seat, safe and secure. If there were a fire, firemen would come with their trucks and stop the fire. What are some other things? What about your parents? Your parents protect you!  And Moses’ mom desperately wanted to protect her baby boy.

In the story, the leader of the Egyptians, they call him Pharaoh, was like a king over the land. The Israelites were God’s chosen people; they were the descendants of Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph (remember them?) These people were living in the land of Egypt, so Pharaoh was ruler over them. When Joseph was in Egypt, he worked second in command under Pharaoh, but this other Pharaoh years later was not very nice. He was worried the Israelites would overtake the Egyptians so he made the Israelites slaves.

After years of the Israelites being treated unfairly as slaves, a new Pharaoh took it even further. He was so scared of the strong Israelites that he went on a mission to kill young baby boys! How terrible! After this decree, one Israelite woman gave birth to a baby boy. She was scared, so she kept him hidden and prayed he would be saved. She wanted to protect her baby boy!

One day, the baby was too big to be hidden. So she placed him in a basket she had waterproofed, and placed him in the river. The baby’s sister followed the basket floating down the river, hoping and praying for protection.

Pharaoh’s daughter was down at the river when she spotted the basket. She was overcome with compassion and love for the child she decided she wanted to raise the child as her own. The baby’s sister asked Pharaoh’s daughter if she could have one of the Hebrew, a name for an Israelite, women take care of the baby until he was a bit older. Pharaoh’s daughter agreed, and the baby was allowed to be cared for until he grew older. Pharaoh’s daughter named him Moses.

Moses’ mother and sister both protected Moses. But you know who ultimately brought protection? God! He heard the prayers and cries of Moses’ mother and sister, and He cared about them! Something bad could have happened to Moses, but God was the ultimate protector.

And guess what? We will learn about it in the coming weeks, but God used Moses in some really big ways! Spoiler alert, he used him to help set the Israelites free! God protected Moses so He could protect and provide for an entire people!

Moses’ mom and sister were probably a little scared. Next time you are, remember God’s protection for Moses and His protection for you. Ask God when you are afraid to comfort you and protect you.

Questions: What are some things that protect you? Do you have a story about a time you were protected? What did Moses’ mother do to protect him? Who found Moses? Who brought Moses protection?

Parents: We have lived long enough to know things happen. There is tragedy- just look at this story. But the Lord says over and over He is near, He is our stronghold, and protector. It is easy to get cynical of those attributes of God when something hard has happened. Sometimes our protection on earth isn’t at our expectations, but it is perfect. Perfect because He is perfect and He knows us and loves us perfectly. What a chance to teach children, no matter what we walk through, He is our stronghold, our foundation, our rock, our comforter, and our protector. He is a good father! Allow yourself to be encouraged by the Scriptures listed in the ‘Commit’ section.


Choose from this list of Scriptures to memorize as a family and to place around your house (Psalm 121:2; 2 Thessalonians 3:3; Deuteronomy 31:6; Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 5:11; Psalm 34:19; Psalm 46:1; 2 Corinthians 4:8-9; or whole chapters: Psalm 23; 121)


In Psalm 121 it says the Lord is our helper! He is also our leader, guide, and protector! In some free time, find a blindfold (or something that could be used as a blindfold) and have one person put it on. Another person can be a helper, guide, and director! Remind your child(ren) this is the role of God! Take turns and have fun with it!

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