CPKids Newsletter: Something to Take Seriously

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Something to Take Seriously

The last two weeks I’ve shared with you my New Year’s “resolution”. It’s the Word of the Year project. I’ve been practicing this for the past 6 years (2017 is my 7th year), and it’s changed my life. In case you missed those emails, find the what and how here:

Here’s one thing I didn’t share in either of those emails. The Word of the Year isn’t just for individuals. It’s a great project for a group or organization.

You can practice it in your family, business, work group, school or class. Any place you want focus, change or growth is a great place to incorporate a Word of the Year.

We’ve practiced this as a church. In 2015, the Word was REACH. In 2016, it was GROW. This year the CPC Word of the Year is OVERFLOW. Each of those years (and we expect this year) these words came to pass in Cross Points Church.

We also are using the Word of the Year in Cross Points Kids. Last year (really the last half of 2015 and all of 2016), our Word was JOY. I can’t tell you how much our JOY increased over the course of those 18 months. From our youngest baby class to our 6th graders – teachers and students alike – we encountered more JOY. As a parent, I hope you felt it too.

Our 2017 Word of the Year is DREAM. I want kids, parents, volunteers, staff to DREAM – corporately and individually. Let’s dream and do some big thing for God this year!

Saddled with a Dream

King David was the greatest king in all of the history of Israel. It started with defeating the giant Goliath as a boy, and continued to being crowned as king and then taking control of the known world.

David’s ultimate dream wasn’t defeating his enemies. It was building God a permanent temple. Until that point, God’s “house” was a tent (called the Tabernacle). It was originally built by Moses and Aaron, hundreds of years earlier. David felt God worthy of a home to display His power and glory.

Yet the job to build the Temple fell to Solomon, David’s son. David made great preparations for Solomon, but didn’t live to see it happen. In a grand ceremony David handed the dream to Solomon – from father to son. In that ceremony, David said this:

So take this seriously. The lord has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.  -1 Chronicles 28:10


Take this Seriously

Each of us has a dream – something special and unique to you. Your dreams God chose specifically for you. In some cases it is for you individually. At other times it is for us corporately.

Here are 3 things to do with the dream God gave you.

  1. Take it serious.
    Solomon adopted David’s dream as his own. He took it serious. He immediately went to work on this project  – which took years. He planned, schemed and dreamed some more. The one thing Solomon never did was blow it off.It’s so easy to blow off a dream or idea. It’s too big, crazy, weird, hard. Don’t blow it off! Attack the dream God has given you. Plan. Think. Strategize. Do everything you know to do with the dream God has placed on your heart.
  2. Be strong.
    In those years, I’m sure there were moments people questioned Solomon – especially when it came down to the details. Solomon remained strong.Taking God and His dreams seriously requires serious strength. People around you may not understand – they probably won’t understand. In the midst of questions, be strong. Remember what God spoke to you weeks, months or even years ago.
  3. Do the work.
    Day in and Day out, Solomon got up and worked on the Temple. He met with crews. He observed progress. He made changes. Dreams require hard work. He “dug ditches”.This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s the ditch digging of building a dream. It is not glamorous work, but it’s vital to accomplishing a goal. If you want to see the dream come to pass, do the work.

Dream with me

Will you dream with me? Will you seek God for your family, your job and our kids ministry? Will you take it serious, be strong and do the work?

In two weeks, I’m having our annual parent meeting. I encourage you to attend (see below). Let’s dream together for our kids!

Joyfully –
Pastor Andy

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