CPKids Newsletter: My Elevator Pitch

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Last Fall, I attended a branding conference with my wife. We went specifically to work on her photography business, but I got to siphon off some great information for the church too. It was an intense two day seminar, and I came away with a TON of great information. 

One thing, I’ve been using in several ways over the last few weeks is what they termed an elevator pitch. I have two minutes to hook you with why I do what I do.

For instance, I’m at a gathering, and someone learns I’m a Children/Family Pastor. How do I describe what I believe about parenting? How do I do it in a minute, and keep you interested?

Parents, I believe this about you

Sunday, I had my annual parent meeting. I kept it at 30 minutes long, so to be “painless”. At the meeting, I shared my elevator pitch on what I believe about parenting, the church and working together. Here it is:I’ve found most parents want to lead their children spiritually. They just don’t know how, where to begin or if they can do it. With 17 years of parenting experience, I know how you feel. With that and over 20 years of ministry experience, I can help you connect your child to Jesus!

Can I partner with you?

Together we’ll see well adjusted kids who love Jesus and one another.

I really believe this about you.

You care; you want your child to grow spiritually and connect with Jesus. Sometimes you just don’t know how or where to begin. It’s okay; I’ve been there too. You can definitely raise children who are well adjusted, love Jesus and love other people.

I’m not a parenting expert, but I’m doing it with my own four kids. You can too!

A Framework for Success

Sunday, I shared my framework on how to build our children into spiritual beings who love Jesus and each other. Not coincidentally, it coincides with Cross Point’s vision (connect, commit, create). Here it is…

Connect to Jesus

It may sound trite, but it’s true. If we want children who are connected with Jesus, we must connect with Jesus first. Start with reading the bible. We connect with Jesus through God’s word.

We also connect with Jesus through reading or listening to other spiritual books, sermons or podcasts. We can go even deeper with personal projects, like the Word of the Year. It’s about living intentional.

For more practical tools on becoming deeper spiritually, download this resource list.

Commit to Each Other

I’m often asked how to help kids develop relationships with other children in the church. I have two answers, that go hand in hand:

  • Attend Church Regularly (the same service 🙂
  • Join a Small Group

Nothing fancy, just be in relationship with other families in the church. That happens when spend time together…eat a meal, see a ball game, have a play date.

If you want to help your child develop relationships in the church, and at the same time strengthen their connection with Jesus, be intentional. Make decisions that will make that happen – be in church, be in relationship.

Create with a Purpose

In this case, the purpose is simple – lead your child with the insights you receive and the community around you. Also lean on some tools and resources:

Let’s Succeed!

Parents, I’m successful when you’re successful. When you are raising young men and women who are well adjusted, love Jesus and love one another, I consider it a success.

Do you need help? Do you need some advise? I’m available. I would love to sit down and chat with you, pray with you and walk through your concerns. Contact me HERE, and we’ll connect!

Joyfully –
Pastor Andy

PS – If you would like the entire set of notes from the meeting, click HERE.

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