10 Commandments/Easter: Top Ten Pt. 2


Read: Exodus 20:9-21

When I was in elementary school, my best friend lived two doors down from me. We did everything together. There was another kid in our neighborhood, Bobby, who was a bully. My friend, Vaughn, hated Bobby (I was just scared of him).

Vaughn hated Bobby so much, he mixed together all the different soaps and bleaches he could find in his basement/laundry room. He planned to trick Bobby into drinking that mix. Vaughn wanted Bobby dead.

It didn’t happen. The idea scared me, so I told Vaughn’s mom. She threw out the “drink”, and disciplined Vaughn.

Have you ever hated anyone that much? You planned ways for them to die? Maybe it’s not hate but jealousy. Maybe you wanted a toy someone had so much, you thought of ways to take it. Maybe you think of mean things to say to your mom and dad without actually saying them out loud.

Last week, we focused on the first 4 of God’s Top Ten Rules, also known as the Ten Commandments. All four of those rules are about loving God. This week, is the last six rules – honor mom and dad, don’t kill, have one husband or wife, don’t steal, don’t lie, be satisfied with your own stuff.

Not breaking most of those rules seems pretty easy. I’m not going to kill anyone. I’m not going to steal!

Except Jesus, taught that if we even think mean and angry thoughts about someone, it was like killing them. Which brings me back to my friend Vaughn. Though he was a long way off, he got closer than I ever did to killing someone. It doesn’t mean I’ve never done the same thing in my head or heart.

Today, consider not just what you’ve done, but also how you think and feel about others. Do you really love them? In the end, we are supposed to love God and love people.

How are you doing with that?


Parents: Do you remember a time when you broke one of these commandments in your heart? Share that with your family. Talk about how that effected your heart.


Probe your children. Are there areas they are dealing with anger or jealousy? Walk your children through the steps of forgiveness (ask God, ask others, forgive yourself) if there is anger, jealousy or other issues they are dealing with.


Do you want your children to memorize all ten commandments? Use the 10 simple hand motions found in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr1wzb4SXh4. You can search “10 Commandments Jill Connelly” in YouTube.

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